Google Hurt Pinterest’s Growth in 2018 …

Google deindexed Pinterest landing pages. What does that mean to your business?

Pinterest keyword landing pages were deindexed by Google, why you care.

Why does Google Indexing Keyword Landing Pages matter to you and your business?

The unpredictability and lack of control over what and how businesses are indexed affects the traffic and sales of business.

As business owners, the goal is to be seen, interacted with and a relationship begun. Eventually, the hope is the sale. When keyword landing pages are deindexed “removed from search results” those businesses lose clients and traffic.

Google Hurt Pinterest’s Growth in 2018 by Deindexing Keyword Landing Pages – Search Engine Journal

Keyword landing pages are an important component to a successful website. When you are a business like Pinterest they’re critical.

Google is updating algorithms to support your personal journey. It’s AI, Artificial Intelligence, is gathering subjective details to give you, the consumer, a better experience. And it’s changing the face of SEO. For the good.

It’s not as complicated or creepy as it sounds. Let’s say your planning a trip. So you’re looking for information on a particular city, say New Orleans. So this becomes a known entity. Then you search hotels, flights, and restaurants. Eventually entertainment and shows. It’s not likely to give you Pinterest on DIY Mardi Gras. On the other hand if your search was for New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and various other keywords leading the AI to think “party” it may show you DIY Mardi Gras on Pinterest, if the Pinterest keyword landing pages were indexed.

As a business, we want our keyword landing pages indexed. We want to be the New Orleans entertainment choice. We want the visibility and to be clicked on.

So how does a business maintain visibility in a changing algorithms environment?

Content. Journey worthy content. Interesting content.

By content, I mean words and pictures. Pictures that are in context with the landing page. This is AI. We may not search by pictures, yet, but a picture of Hawaii on a New Orleans restaurant page will be noted by the AI, it does know. If the context and written content don’t support the photo the page loses ranking.

A great example, a patent attorney’s designer wanted him to look “cool”, to exude “confidence”, and show as “powerful”, “willing to go the distance”. So they put a boxing scene in the top fold of the website. The content didn’t support this concept nor did the photos meta data. The client lost ranking. … Below the fold, going against the designer, we placed photos of the Salt Flats and Bonneville. The attorney specializes in autonomous driving technology patents. The content supports this. He ranks top 3 in Google for autonomous driving patents in his local area.

Make your article more of a story.

Content is the 1000 word journey. Girl sitting with her luggage, map, globe etc ready to explore the worlds beyond.

It’s a thousand words journey. We’re all writers, telling a story, with words, color and art.

Remember as a kid, everyone wanted to read the pretty books first. That’s still true. We still want to read books that are pretty. We definitely want web pages that are pretty. Colors and delight in context.

The simple answer. Write the pretty book, chapter by chapter on your website. See your Menu as the Table of Contents. Write your business story.

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